Graphic Design Options

Graphic Design Options

The graphic design or file setup charge options might be a little confusing so we've put together a quick guide to help un-muddy the waters.


Remember, if you're unsure if you file needs some work you can send it through on our contact page and we will assess it for free.

What do the Graphic Design Options Mean?

My File is Print-Ready

If your images or artwork require scaling to size or cropping, we won't charge for that.

If the artwork is for a sticker job and needs a cut line (or path) we consider that part of the job and the artwork setup is not charged.

If your artwork needs something minor like a colour change or adding a logo that you can supply, we won’t charge for that either.

Artwork Setup Fee ($35)

If your artwork is supplied complete but not in a print-ready format (eg. Microsoft Word document), we need to spend some time making this type of file print-ready.

A job like this will incur the Artwork Setup Fee.

Graphic Design fee ($75):

If the design isn't finished or a design is yet to be started, we need to charge something to cover our time.

Our base rate for graphic design is $75 per hour which normally covers most basic design jobs.

If your job requires more than the base Graphic Design Fee, we will contact you before any work goes ahead and if you do not want to proceed with the job, we will refund your purchase in full.

More Technical Info

File Types

We're happy to with lots of different file types. Whether you work in Microsoft word or Adobe Illustrator, we can work with you.

While we can work with native Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel and Microsoft files, it is highly recommended to send through your artwork as a PDF with all text converted to curves or outlines.


Our product pages currently accept:


Convert Text to Curves or Outlines

If you're working in a vector based application, it is recommended to convert all text to curves or outlines before exporting to PDF and uploading.

File Size and Resolution

Send through the highest resolution images or files you can. Our website upload forms can take files up to 100Mb.

For photos and bitmap images, 300ppi @ 100% is great, but 150ppi @ 100% usually looks fine too.

Vector based files will look sharp at any size.

Colour Space / Profiles

We print using CMYK process so ideally the files sent through should be converted to CMYK colour space. If this isn't possible, we can do it for you.


For profiles, it's best to not embed any profiles into your artwork. Our machines are profiled for the media and inks we use.